Thank you for helping me and my wife as she prepared to leave this world. Yesterday-she passed away, but not with the darkness that she lived with for so many years, but with the Love and Light of God. Because you shared the unconditional love that you hold in your heart every day. You told me once to “keep looking up, and face whatever the world has sent your way.” This gave me a new lease on my life. You gave me hope. Everything I am doing today and in the future YOU made possible. Words could never convey the gratitude that I feel to you Richard and the God energy that you share.- Ken- Tucson

I want to thank you for the reading, it was very enlightening and empowered me to move forward in a miraculous way! Your cord-cutting procedure changed my future life. You are hilarious! You identified my “nun style-Bi-sexuality” and revealed how I have hidden from my strong sexual energy. It has caused me so much grief over the years. Your work has opened many doors for me. Thank you!